Welcome to Dr. Mani’s Research¬†Program¬†in the College of Engineering at the University of Georgia, Athens, GA. Our research group is focused on developing circular and sustainable technologies for maximum utilization of organic materials into high-value chemicals, fuels, and bioproducts, while modeling and assessing the sustainability of agricultural, food and forestry systems.

Our general areas of research are:

  • Application of machine learning tools for bioenergy conversion applications.

  • Circular and sustainable assessments of food and agricultural systems.

  • Climate-smart solutions for food and agricultural systems to drawdown greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (Drawdown Georgia)

  • Hybrid process modeling, optimization, and simulation of biomass supply chain management & bioprocess technologies

  • Novel preprocessing (pelleting, briquetting & Granulation) and pretreatment (torrefaction, steam treatment) technologies for biomass/algae

  • Development of high-value food/bioproducts and chemicals from cellulose, micro/macroalgae/seaweeds

  • Development of Cellulose NanoFibrils (CNFs) based food/antimicrobial packaging films

  • Thermochemical conversion (Gasification & Pyrolysis) and liquefaction of biomass & algae

  • Techno-economic and life cycle assessment of drop-in biofuels, bioproducts & chemicals