For the past six years, Dr. Mani has taught and developed several undergraduate and graduate engineering courses. In addition to teaching, he has also actively involved in advising undergraduates and supervising graduate students in the field of bioenergy engineering and participated in ABET engineering accreditation activities for biochemical & biological engineering programs.

Courses Taught

  1. FYOS 1001 – Introduction to Bioenergy
  2. ENGR 3140 Engineering Thermodynamics
  3. ENGR 3540 Physical Unit Operations
  4. ENGR 8520 Biomass Feedstock Engineering
  5. ENGR 4490/6490 Renewable Energy Engineering
  6. ENGR/FORS 8020 Opportunities in the Biomass Based Economy

New Course in Development

  1. BChE 4460 BioRefinery Engineering

BioChemical Engineering Curriculum Development

Dr. Mani has actively participated in the Biochemical Engineering Degree Program curriculum committee, new course development and curriculum revision and worked on developing ABET assessment criteria and Completed the ABET Self-Study Report and Reassessment reports for Biochemical Engineering Degree Program. He has served as a Program Coordinator for the BioChemical Engineering Degree Program (2012-2013) and obtained first ABET accreditation for the BS BChE Program in College of Engineering, UGA.